Designing and launching Solinftec's global brand

Solinftec, today, is a global company with numerous technological solutions across different continents. When I first joined the company, however, it had only recently started its expansion into the North American market and the leadership wanted a new, refreshed brand to reflect a bright, exciting future.

I was tasked with collaborating with a freelance brand designer as we set out to shape the future of Solinftec’s brand identity. We started by interviewing countless people in the company to learn about Solinftec’s rich Brazilian history, as well as the vision for the future.

We learned several key takeaways:
• Though it’s hard to pronounce, people like the name ‘Solinftec’
• The company doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the branding should reflect that
• Solinftec’s mission is to identify ways to empower agriculture

After several iterations and countless feedback, we landed on the current logo and branding that you’ll see below. It is bright, and colorful — representing the rich Brazilian culture while also allowing the company to stand out in the agriculture market. The logo is a geode, representing Solinftec’s curiosity and excitement to find new opportunities.

As time has progressed, and the team has grown and evolved, so has our brand. I’ve had the joy of working with our new marketing team to create a brand book, outlining our standards. We’ve also created a brand voice and are currently working to overhaul our website. 


Myself, designer
3 designers
3 marketing folks


Initial design: Nov, Dec 2019
Launch: January 2020
Iteration: January 2020 - Present